comic Reflections

So what is “Comic Reflections” all about?

The idea here is to talk about characters, plots, spoilers, my feelings, and so on around the comic books I LOVE! Most of the comics in this section are older comics. IF IT’S SOMETHING NEW-ISH “As in within the last year or so” I will post a RECENT tag for it like this!


Short of that you read it at you’re own risk because I will compare and sometimes talk about different books… so over all it’s a one man discussion! WITH THE WELCOME OF ANYONE’S QUESTIONS AND POINTS OF VIEW!!?



So many things to get to with this post!! So let’s just jump into it! The comics for this month showed up today and while I didn’t finish last months I did play catch up on Defective comics, batman, and Tarot witch of the black rose. I have a good weekend coming to me starting Saturday morning. I will be catching up on Green lantern, we are Robin and a few others. At this point I am really really loving what is going on with the batman series and the now return of both Bruce Wayne and a big hint at a person who likely is the Joker. It’s being written and the art work is just!!!! Tooooooo freaking good!
On top of that the new wolverine which I have been keeping up with is actually turning into a very interesting book! I love how the events are unfolding with it and the pace being made. For a marvel book its pretty damn good. Now normally I wouldn’t bring up other media as this is based on my love for comics but… I seen the final trailer for the batman v superman movie today and I can’t help but see how much love is being brought into it from the comics.
They showed a fast fight scene and to me it was like watching a living comic! Batman was so over the top brutal with his grapple style that it almost brought a tear to my eye. I love comics and to see it on screen in its true form with its elements is wonderful and gives me hope for the future in that media. Really comic books to me are all about that type of thing. Setting up interesting elements for good story telling and sticking to an idea rather then what is popular.

Comic book fans “or Fans in General” really do become very vocal about what is being done to this character or that. Without having the entire picture in mind some times “more often” it can be reflected as a negative if something is out of place. However one of the things I notice about the stories I ENJOY is that it’s never what it seems to be until the END. For example.. BATMAN.. the last year hasn’t been Bruce Wayne but it has explained the changing of the character. The Elements for a much bigger story to tell. Keeping it both interesting and within question.  Some like it.. others don’t.  I suppose this could be said about any media but with comics it’s a far more layered I have noticed.

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