Yesterday was my Birthday and I received a new bike! The bike will for the most part help me get around town and hopefully boost my motivation for more cardio. The Weather is great and I am hoping for today to be another busy day. I return back to work tonight so can’t do to much before having to be all responsible.

Work, Gym…sleep…repeat again


This is the first day back at the gym. I took some time off because I mentally couldn’t find the motivation to do it.  It wasn’t easy and it hurt but I managed to pull past it in a most rewarding way.

Walked at 4.5 grade at a speed of 3.0 for 20 Minutes. (Legs killed me during the workout)

Pulled my lats Single 10 x 3 reps than did 10 x 3 with a two handed pull

Walked home and it wasn’t a bad beginning for the day. I work tonight and than I have off for two days. My birthday is Saturday and I haven’t done much with this week short of sleep, eat and work. I miss my Megan .. she will be back Monday and yea.. blah.. just another another month.. soon to be another year.. <- Older post from April 4th 2015 – May 10th 2015



One of the major mistakes people make while trying to self improve either the mind, body and/or spirit is they reflect to much. “Oh but I looked like this at 17″…This comes up so much. “Look what the babies did to me!!” I hear all the time from women with kids. “I lost faith after so and so died!” I hear it often from those who lose someone close.

What most people don’t see to catch is that it’s all prospective to progressive behavior. Now reflecting can be good but it’s not progressive it’s about understanding why you are in the place you are currently at and NOTHING MORE. The matter that counts is taking that reflection and saying “NOW WHAT!” How do I feel now? What do I want to happen? Why!?

We all make mistakes regardless of the situation. If it be a diet plan gone to the left or perhaps you are trying to dig out of a depression. You are required to progress to take all of that and think in THE NOW. What are you going to do in the future? What will the next step be? Live today like tomorrow isn’t coming.

I often tell people if they ask me “What would you do if something really bad happened to you now? Do you have any regrets?” I have given time to those who have proven to me that it wasn’t worth it. I have made mistakes by not speaking for myself when I should have. I have put myself into spots that I knew from the start I shouldn’t have been in. The thing that I tend to remember about it all is that I PUSHED PAST IT. I learned from it! So that I never will or can repeat it. I let those who wasted my time know YOU WILL NOT WASTE ANY MORE OF IT.

I have no regrets but I do often question what current mistakes am I making? What do I feel I can change now? What do I want to change? Am I happy? I do the best I can to give the best answers I can to myself so that if SOMETHING should happen I know I can at the very least give myself credit by saying I DO my best..not did…but DO.. Now..

Far to many people are stuck in the spots that they reflect on to much. It’s about what you lost at or failed at. It’s not about what you have smoked but what you are going to smoke. What you are going to run to next? WHO IS NEXT? Every goal has a great feeling of glory to it by winning and passing it but what is the best feeling in the world? Knowing another goal can AND WILL be accomplished regardless of the situation.



2 responses to “HEALTH & FITNESS

  1. You can do it Alex! You are all the motivation you need. Maybe find a buddy to work out with, it really helps! Drink more water for your acid reflux. Try some Prevacid as well they have it at CVS and it has done wonders for me.

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