Let’s Start Some SHI#

Let’s Start Some SHI# < Post from 03/27/2013 – 06/05/2015





It’s taken me a couple of days to come up with something to write about here. I have been attempting to come up with a new book idea because and well I came up with this interesting concept to write about here.

So the entire thing goes I was think about the party system and why we have it? Why Republicans and Democrats? What’s the difference? WHAT IS THE ORIGIN…AND WHY?

From my understanding of the first question Republicans want less government involvement on the public. Taxes should only be taken by the people and not business as a sum because to build a business you have to have people whom are already taxed. However the biggest problem I come across with that situation is that the money made by the business ISN’T ALWAYS invested back into the company or anything for that matter because it’s saved and not taxed in accounts that only take away from the involved.

Now some people say it’s America you should be allowed to do whatever you want with whatever money you earn. To those people I say you’re not only out of your mind you are also thoughtless.  The economy works because we invest our money in survival.  Not necessity but survival. Not what we NEED but what we THINK we need “I’ll get to that later”. We buy Music, clothing, food.. we see movies.. we consume and it makes the money flow. If you don’t spend the money and you invest it slowly in just the savings of yourself everything falls off balance.

In a small manor or in a planned manor it’s fine and it works because money can be saved for future use and it works with time. However if the money is consumed to the point that you can’t spend it in the life time of yourself or those below you it’s what builds  problems for current value.

Think of it like a peace of pizza. If you have 8 slices and you put one in the freezer eventually you can’t eat it… i am digging a hole here..but I am getting to something.


3 responses to “Let’s Start Some SHI#

  1. #teamDeezNutz for president. But on a more serious note I wish an independent party actually stood a chance. There are alot of views from both the Republican and the Democratic parties that I either agree or disagree with and I think it’s a shame that both parties have to be on opposite sides of extremes all the time. There is no middle ground. Also I’m one of those people who believe that the government is a big conspiracy made out of a small elite group of people who control EVERYTHING including our votes on who is going to be presideno giving us the illusion we ever had a choice in the matter.

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