just some links to some pages I love to go to!


This is my Homie from another Mommie! I call him RIOT And Friend. Honestly he is one of the smartest people I know who is involved in pretty much everything I have interest in. Just a modern day Genius and he will hate me for calling him that.. but blah to him! Check him out he knows his way in and out of the universe!


One of my biggest obsessions is comic books. I have only been collecting for a few years but it’s become a thing I love love love to get involved in. This site is based to sell and buy comics. I buy most of what I have from this site online. It’s really easy to find everything you are looking for and a pretty fun site to just explore if your new to comics.


Just a random place to look about. You can find out some interesting information and all sorts of underground silly geeky stuff..


A decent place to buy parts and so on for computer junk. I like it! Easy site to use!


This is a web site I obsess over.. well have obsessed over since it was called MK5.COM… anyway.. yea.. MORTAL KOMBAT!!

The best website for all things CREATIVE, and Art associated..

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