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120 More about Perception…Again

I could never see in the eyes of anyone other then NUMBER ONE..ME. I know exactly how important perception is because I have seen the effects it has had on people around me. If you mix in some religion you can build an army with perception. Construct an artist to the mix and you can build a work of art. It’s what we make up to be the most beautiful of things and some of the worst most ugly of things. Like a coin it can be flipped both ways but regardless of all that the underline is always the same. THE TRUTH…

Now we have a entire justice system based on what one side says and what the other side says. In relationships sometimes it can be the same way. You have the view you have and the view of others around you. State of mind effects everything we do both good and bad. It will make the best of times better and the worst of times pretty shitty. Finding a balance is what makes everything go one way or another.

To some this comes as a very easy thing to do and to others it is very hard.  It’s all based on how we emotionally connect to people, objects, actions, and emotions. Some feel a very powerful grip from perception to the point that it can bring them to even risk the life given to them to chase after it. Other feel so correct in this notion that they don’t care what the facts say so long as it’s proven “by point of view” that what is being told to them or being implanted into that state of mind that everything is RIGHT on that part.

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