My comic book reviews

January BUNCH 2016

A new year!! 2016

As always my sources!

Now before I GO ON! I should note that I only have a couple of places I get my comics from.. FIRST I Order em online AT


They have a good pre-order base and even a good just collection of pretty much everything related.. It’s a good organized website that you can set up a account on and make things SUPER easy to order on…

The Second place I manage to get meh stuff from .. is!


I am a big fan of the TWO locations midtown and upper east town Manhattan.. anyway! WITH THAT OUT OF THE is what I Got!!



I would just like to take a moment to say thank you to all those who have come and visited my page over the last few years. It is now 2016 and I see some big changes in terms of not only this website but this page as an entry. I love doing it and really while I love doing it for myself.. it will get better for those who come to read it! Anyway..on to the list!

All New Wolverine # 3

All New Wolverine # 4

Detective Comics # 48

Flash # 47 READ

Gotham Academy # 14 READ

Green Lantern # 48

Injustice Gods Among Us Year four Annual # 1 READ

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Five # 1 READ

Spawn # 259


Injustice Gods Among Us Year Five # 1

Honestly can’t believe we are in year five! This series continues to make me happy even five years out now. Showing different stories yet answering the unanswerable questions all at once. This book continues DIRECTLY AFTER Annual 1  “You don’t NEED to read it but it’s worth it!”. It continues to show how much work needed to go into the world before the game and the rule of SUPERMAN. This year we will see some serious action go down I think as now Batman… has yet…another BIG… effect the DC Universe

Flash # 47

Flash # 47

From what I can tell the Flash Comics are coming up with some very cool twist to the story. Some I would believe are highly influenced by the popularity of the Television show “which I personally am enjoying”. Yet a few twist and turns that I didn’t expect came from this book. Several ways this book could have ended but it went in a direction I honestly didn’t see coming but it does OPEN up a big idea for the future of the series.


Gotham Academy # 14

This was a super fun book to read for so many reasons. First off it had several artist do the art in it “always cool!”. It was without question a reflection on events that didn’t require a big story arc to tell. It continued to develop our characters. Over all anyone could buy this book without know anything before hand enjoy it. Lots of silly jokes and again..just fun!


Injustice God Among Us Year Four ANNUAL # 1

I am only recently starting to understand the entire Annual Idea. It’s fun and for the most part singled out in stories that are both epic and detailed but not REQUIRED. This book however for anyone who is into this series should be a REQUIRED READ.. It explains lots of what is starting to happening but it also answers some questions on ..what happened to “fill in some blank names”. So yes..this one was worth it!


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