Observation 124

Now this one is going to be kinda special because I am posting this on two websites. First on www.theoneandonlyalexander.com “here” and second on my facebook (which is the place I started it). I figure if I post in both areas I can keep the readers I have on Facebook and make new readers come to the other site that aren’t able to read what I write because they aren’t on it. Either way cool stuff! I will be doing it with both my Observations and CoMMon Sense writings…so great!


February 6th 2016

Right now I am thinking about a few different things and I am not sure if any of this will make sense to write down “Type”. First thing I am concerned about the future. Not just my own but the future of everyone I come in contact with and everyone I will come in contact with. I live in a world full of fast foods and Iphone chargers. I use to have nightmares about robots taking over the world and machines KILLING EVERYONE. I know that is an obsolete idea. Robots that want control managed to get it and they didn’t drop a single a bomb or shoot a single Lazer cannon. Truth is the machines want control and we as humans GAVE INTO IT.

Yesterday I went food shopping “Warwick,NY… ShopRite”. I managed to get all of my food shopping done about an hour before the bus showed up and so I sorted the food into the bags. Waited outside the store for the bus to show up. I noticed something… The only people who noticed me standing with my bags must have been above the age of 50. Most people that age look at me with my long hair and my bushy face thinking “He needs a hair cut and probably some sun.” I stood outside the store without headphones for about 30 minutes. I even made eye contact with some people and 9 out of 10 “yes I counted” didn’t say hello. Instead they pulled the phones out of the pockets and looked down at it. I even smiled at them and often enough “9 out of 10” didn’t respond short of just looking at the phones.  Are we afraid of people? Has the media won? Do we not even smile back now? WTF is the point of mass communications if we can’t even minor it?

Part of me wants to think that we lost something some years back. Something that made us afraid of even the people we see every single day. I don’t fear anything “short of lobsters” and yet I know in my mind that if something DRAMATIC doesn’t change soon we are heading down a road we will not get out of. I do blame media because it is on the one constant we all have. We all have Television and even if we don’t we have News reports on the phones we carry. If not we have word of mouth which 10 out of 10 times isn’t fact checked anyway. Why can’t we even smile at people any more?

The Second concern I have is that in all that stuff we lost something very important. Something that makes us creative. It’s almost alien to us now and it sort of forces us to keep our minds in a box. Don’t change this.. don’t do that..  I don’t have the answers for this part but I know that “FOR A FACT” we are being controlled by something. Can’t even say what it is but for now let’s just call it FATE. I will have to write more about this later…puff

2 responses to “Observation 124

  1. YOU WILL BE PEACHY JUST LIKE YOU ALWAYS ARE! Yes the winter will quiet things down in the store. But don’t forget the CHRISTMAS MADNESS *SHOOTS SELF IN THE HEAD…TWICE* I don’t know how I manage to shoot myself in the head twice but I do because that’s how much the month of December SUCKS!!! The Christmas music alone makes me want to go on a homicidal rampage…but I digress. I know you enjoy that silly stuff. I’m much more looking foward to fall and Halloween. GIVE ME ALL YOUR CANDY muahahahaa…

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