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This one took a bit longer .. I thought I would have had it done on time but it ended up being a longer game than I thought it would. Any who Dead Space is probably one of the few series I can say in recent years that I have enjoyed playing from start to finish in the horror genre. It mixes fun elements of horror, gore, action, and adventure. What is does very well is set a environment and some Original ideas mixed with some well known inspired horror ideas “The Thing, Alien, and Resident Evil”. I played Dead Space 1 and 2 on the PS3 and in reality enjoyed Part 1 so much that I pre ordered 2 when it was released. For whatever the reason once 3 was released I figured I WOULD get to it soon.. but I kept pushing it back and well.. eventually it ended in my Origin Account and only recently with the new laptop.. could I get to it.


pic1One of the first things to be noticed about the series is that it is consistent with story telling and game play.If you played Dead Space 1 you pretty much knew exactly what you would get with 2 and 3. One introduced us to the concept of what was going on.. Two expanded that.. and Three concluded it. Personally my favorite of the 3 is probably 2. It just mixed the elements perfect. While 3 did make for a interesting conclusion and really took me to a place and even ended on a note I DIDN’T EXPECT. It also went the way as most horror games do.. More Action involved rather then Horror Elements.

pic2Don’t get me wrong the game has some creepy Enemies in it. It tells a REALLY FUN STORY, and is very well designed by it’s nature. Without question it is a horror fans dream come true in a world of Resident Evil 6s and Silent Hill Downpours. All 3 games in this series don’t let the fans down at all.  It’s paced well and for the price You CAN’T GO wrong if you are looking for something in the genre.




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